Wednesday, June 12, 2024


Getting lost is known as the best way to get to know a city. Paris Khusus Untuk Anda gives you a shortcut in Paris so you won’t have to think of ‘what to do’, ‘where to eat’, ‘where to go’, and all the raison d’être questions thing.

We are the first city guide of Paris in Bahasa Indonesia, focusing in highlighting the best of the city in fashion, lifestyle, arts and culture, and gastronomy. Our contributors are made up of non GPS users experts, and we are here to share and bring you Paris from its classic style to its quirky sides, so you could prepare your stay and make the most of Paris just like us, the locals!

The Team

Nin Hanafi

Managing Director

Aspiring to play electric guitar but plays the classical one instead, Nin gives eclectic word a new meaning. Avant garde thing like “having group projects help me understand why Batman works alone” is one of the reason why she chose to leave big companies and go solo.

Narizza Septianti

Editor in Chief

Her morning starts whenever she takes her first cup of Mandheling coffee. Retired dancer and former TV broadcaster, you could her sing in private. Knowing Paris street by heart, you could find her at some vernissage or sipping wine and having café gourmand, nimble over her little notes on what you PKUA readers might enjoy next!

Ahmad Amin

Visual Maker

Having the rock star fringe hair, Amin treats the design like Elvis did his first twist. Given the actual world, he aspires one day to be able to turn problems into whiskies.


Weird Coder

Coding and prepare all the pages structure of this website. If something going wrong on your navigation you can beat him 🙂 When he's not working, he eats RENDANG DAGING at Djakarta Bali restaurant in Paris.

Tommy Hartanto


14 years working as art director at an advertising agency in Jakarta, he now has all Paris best spots as his working place. Working as videographer and photographer in Paris, he looks forward to taking the best angle of you!

Rifqi Oktaviano


He gets bored easily of anything except sneakers, only God knows what he really is up to. Has a thing about writing the romantic places in the city, he succumbs to Paris wind to bring him to his love of his life. On red sneakers, if possible.

Violetta Suganda


Former PR of some legendary bustling night clubs and hotels in Indonesia, she has a soft spot for bags also for anything related to vente privée and limited edition. Café crème aficionado, she shares some Made in France brands, trendiest shopping places and Parisian afternoon cafés.

Erlangga Widodo


A road trip adventurer, he dreams to step foot in all continent, including the arctic. Always kicks off his day with a cold start like a diesel engine, he spends his leisure time writing an off beaten path or just sipping cup of coffee or taking a late night drive.

Ristia Sastra


Dreamed of living in the world full of her fave characters, she wishes to have a superpower of eating as many as she wants to without gaining a pound. You may end up reading one of the articles she wrote on this site, but when she’s not writing, you can find her whipping up a whole pack of ice cream — even on winter!